Looking Back, Looking Forward

History museums like the Watkins specialize in opening a window onto the past and exposing people to the lives and stories of those who lived in earlier times. But this Saturday, the Watkins and our friends in local American Indian communities will connect history with the present and future in a program titled Looking Back, Looking Forward.

Last September, in partnership with the Franklin County Historical Society, we debuted Under Protest: Emigrant Tribes in Franklin County, Kansas. This exhibit on the history and struggles of several emigrant tribes has made history of its own, becoming one of our most popular displays ever.




Flutist and drummers at our September Final Friday opening of Under Protest.


Just as Under Protest brought history to life, Looking Backward will provide visitors with an understanding of current American Indian lives and cultures. Beginning at 1:15 PM, three expert speakers will discuss struggles for education and recognition. Then beginning at 3, the Watkins will resound with Native music and dancing. The American Indian Studies Club of Haskell University will also host a raffle, and refreshments will be available.

Join us for this unique, exciting, and immersive experience as we build a bridge between past and future.

Under Protest Closing Program flyer

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